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Bicycle Pump & Tyre Puncture Repair Combo Kit

$22.95 incl GST



Bicycle Pump & Tyre Puncture Repair Combo Kit

  •   This fantastic bicycle repair combo kit includes:

    •   1 x Bicycle Tyre Pump with Bike Frame bracket & multiple valve adapters

    •   1 x Bicycle / Bike Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

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Bicycle Tyre Pump with Bike Frame bracket & multiple valve adapters

  •    This bicycle tyre pump allows you to easily inflate just about any bike tyre, ball, sports equipment, inflatable toys & airbeds.
  •    The pump includes a custom bike bracket attachment & cable ties which allows you to attach the pump to your bike & take with you whenever you are riding.
  •    The pump & the included valve adapters allow you to inflate just about anything, including:
    •    normal bike tyres with a car tyre (Schrader) valve
    •    Presta bike tyre valves using the Presta adapter
    •    Balls & Sports Equipment using the Needle adapter
    •    Inflatable Toys & Airbeds using the Black Airbed adapter
  •    This pump set is 100% brand new & is made of high quality components
  •    The pump is light, easy to use and the bracket attachment is simple to install on any type of bike
  •    Ideal for boys, girls & any bike owner, this pump set makes a great birthday present or Christmas gift
  •    It is an essential add-on for someone who is getting a new bike.
  •    The colour of the pump may vary from the images shown


Bicycle / Bike Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

  • This bicycle tyre puncture repair kit has everything you need to repair leaks & punctures on your bike tyres.
  • The kit is suitable for all types of bikes, from childrens to adult, including road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes & tricycles
  • This kit is a must have for anyone who has a bicycle, and makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for someone receiving a new bike
  • The bicycle tyre puncture repair kit contains:
    •    2 x tyre levers allowing you to safely remove your tyre from the bicycle wheel rim
    •    8 x 25mm round adhesive puncture repair patches. These thin, flexible patches have tapered edges to follow the tube’s profile.
    •    1 x Metal scuffer - roughening up the area around the leak improves the patch adhesion
    • ­-   1 x Tube of Rubber Cement Glue
    •    Instructions
  • This kit is ready to use & comes in a convenient & portable slimline case.
  • This kit is suitable for any slimline inner tube, including most prams, strollers, golf carts & many other types of wheeled equipment

Puncture Repair Instructions

  1. Use tyre levers to open sidewall of the tyre - allowing access to the inner tube
  2. Carefully remove the inner tube taking particular care with the inner tube valve
  3. Pump air into the inner tube to find the leak - mark the position of the leak with a pen or texta
  4. Look for the corresponding position of the inner tube leak on the tyre & ensure that any sharp objects are removed
  5. Slightly rough up the surrounding area around the leak with the metal scuffer
  6. Place rubber cement glue over the hole & surrounding area ensuring that the glued area is larger than the patch
  7. Ensure that you reseal the tube of glue immediately so you can use it again. Don’t let it dry out!
  8. Leave until the glue is sticky - about 5 to 10 minutes
  9. Remove the foil from the patch & place it over the leak. For the best seal press down firmly for at least 1 minute
  10. Carefully insert the inner tube back into the tyre - starting at the valve
  11. Use the tyre levers to replace the tyre back over the wheel rim
  12. Use a pump to inflate the tyre & replace the wheel onto your bike. Be sure to properly tighten the wheel nuts
  13. That’s it - you’re good to go!

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Instruction Video

Here’s a useful video that takes you through the steps to repair your bike tyre

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Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 105 × 40 mm
Pump Colour

Blue, Red, Black, White


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